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Discover the iconic lip and multi-use skincare products from Dior, elegantly presented in an ecru velvet makeup pouch. Elevate your beauty and skincare routine with this iconic duo, designed to deliver a beauty and skincare ritual in just a few simple steps.

The 2-piece set includes:

- Dior Addict Lip Glow, 3,2 g. The Dior lip balm that reveals the natural color of the lips while hydrating them. In this set, discover it in shade 001 Pink, a light pink.

- Dior, The Balm, 1.6 oz. A multi-use revitalizing balm for the hands, lips and body. Its tube wrapped in the Dior Oblique logo and its ergonomic shape make it as much a skincare product as a couture accessory.

Dior Addict Beauty Skin care set

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